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Modern Black Mommy

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A few years ago, my life changed in the most amazing way!  I became a Mommy.  With all the many facets of my personality, I found that motherhood is the most difficult and complicated layer mainly because, there is nothing that could have truly prepared me for what it means to raise a Black child today.  I read the books, blogs, and articles, but there never seemed to be a voice that spoke to me in the specific way that I needed.  

The closest I came, was in conversations with other Black women who were mothers with young children and viewpoints that mirrored mine.  Out of a desire to help other Black moms who need a voice of reason, a shoulder to cry on, or a recipe for nipple balm I am so excited to launch this "sister circle"!

This community is a space for Black women who are birthing and mothering to share and unpack their experiences then unite and hack them for solutions.  We’ll take on tough topics related to Black motherhood to build a picture of what it means to be a Modern Black Mommy!

Be sure to subscribe below and follow us on social media @ModernBlackMommy to get updates from our community! 

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